Athletic Team Building Experience

Strong teams perform better. At the highest levels the margins between teams who are successful and those who end up building for next year are small. Creating a team that trusts each other and communicates well can provide a competitive advantage, while also teaching skills that benefit athletes during and after their collegiate careers.

With a former two-sport Division 1 collegiate athlete as a member of our founding team we understand what it takes to compete at the highest levels of college athletics. Our athlete workshops are specifically designed for athletes by athletes to maximize their impact for both the team and individual players.

  • Key Concepts: Athlete Experience, Resilience, Trust, Communication, Leadership, Cohesion

  • Core Audience: Athletic Teams

  • Best Time: Beginning of the season, Offseason, Coaching transition, Influx of new players

  • Logistics: 2 hour Workshop, One Day or Multiple Day Retreat



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