Staff Professional Development

Staff are people too! By popular request, we took the best elements of our student experience and created a customized workshop for campus professionals. We give participants the tools and processes to create a more effective and high-performing team. By sharing stories and experiences, your staff leaves with stronger connections to one another and a deeper sense of trust. Through collaboration, your team leaves with a renewed sense of focus, sense of belonging, and inspiration in their work.


Each staff professional development workshop is customized to the needs, objectives and culture of your team. We will work with you to create a design that accomplishes your goals.

  • Key Concepts: Communication Styles, Vision and Values, Storytelling, Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations

  • Core Audience: Student Affairs staff, Residence Life staff, Athletic Department staff, Fraternity & Sorority Life staff

  • Best Time: Start of a semester, strategic planning sessions, when a team has added a new leader or members

  • Logistics: Two hours, designed for teams of 10-30 people

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