Preventing Sophomore Melt

The Piece Project has created an innovative approach to creating a sense of belonging for returning sophomores. Created in collaboration with our partner schools, these programs are a response to the particular challenges of sophomores who had their first year disrupted by COVID-19. 


“How do we make our sophomores feel special?”

“Most of my sophomores haven’t set foot on campus in over a year!”

“How can we ensure that our sophomores know they belong?”


These were some of the things we heard from our partner schools that inspired the creation of our programs to prevent sophomore melt. Our innovative approach builds intentional connections across the returning class to broaden their social networks and deepen their relationships to one another, and their campus.


Each program is customized to your specific needs and aligned to the values of your campus (No cookie-cutter programs here!). At many partner schools we build an intentional program that creates a deeper sense of belonging and promotes retention. 

  • Key Concepts: Creating a Sense of Belonging, Connection, Values, Resilience

  • Core Audience: Returning Sophomores

  • Best Time: Welcome Week, Summer Orientations, Transitions

  • Logistics: Typically 90 minutes, designed for groups of 150 - 2,500 people



Partner schools: